Friday, February 27, 2009

Sad News

Yesterday we found out that our Feb. 25th court date was rescheduled to April 7th. They told us that MOWA(Ministry Of Women Affairs) didn't get our recommendation to the courts in time. So far, the majority of families that come upon their court dates get them rescheduled for various reasons. We have to remind ourselves that we are dealing with 3rd world countries that are not always as proficient as we would like.
We were devastated when we heard the news, but quickly leaned on God's sovereignty and grace. He directs our paths and we are resting in His perfect plan. Adoption always has it's ups-and-downs. This is one of the downs.
I didn't realize how much I already loved our boys until we got the news it was going to be longer until we got them. I so badly just want to hold them in my arms.
We continue to covet your prayers for not only our family and this process, but for the boys on the other end.

Belated Birthday Pictures.

This is REALLY late. The girls celebrated their birthdays a month ago. Allie: Jan 22nd and Gracie: Feb 7th. With their birthdays 2 weeks apart, we celebrate them together...for now. We decided to have an indoor swimming party, which they were so excited about. Below they are prepared hours in advance for the party. Thanks Aunt Heidi. It was hilarious watching them walk around in their fins.

I can't believe how much they have grown up. Where are my baby girls??

Because our crazy schedule this year, I was thinking about buying the cakes this once until I found out it would be $40. It's amazing what things will motivate you!! So....I made the cakes and in the end I was very glad I did. The girls loved them and enjoyed watching Mommy create them. Picture this....the girls in their mermaid gear, sitting on the high stools and peering at their cakes through the goggles. These are the memories that are so precious to me.

I think I must have said something silly. You have to be creative to keep their attention. I never got a picture where they were all looking at once. What a bunch of silly, giggly girls!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pictures of Boys.

We learned the other day that it is not wise to post pictures of the children without password protection. It is frowned upon by the Ethiopian courts and could cause problems. We do not want to jeopardize our adoption process and so we decided to pull them down for now. I believe we will be able to put them back up after we pass our court date on Feb. 25th. Please be praying that it goes well. We have heard that they have kicked some cases out for not having parental rights signed off by the biological parents. Sometimes this is impossible if they have been abandoned. They will usually reschedule the court date and they usually pass successfully the second time.