Friday, August 21, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Update Number 2 Today!!

Here are some more sounds like the man they were looking for just showed up at their care center and said he needed to take the children back to their region to see the regional judge. He was very vague about what the problems were. Rahel, the attorney in Ethiopia, was pretty upset with him because this is the third time he has had to do this. We don't know why he has had to take them twice before.
Anyway, please pray for the childrens' safety. It's a long trip and I am sure it is emotionally taxing on them because they have no idea what is happening to them. Just praying that everything will be sorted out this time. They are hopeful for another update this week; but I am not holding my breath!
Thanks for the prayers

Good or Bad??

Today we got some news, not a lot; but at this point I am thankful for anything!! The good news is they are in contact with the man that needs to give them info about the boys. The confusing news is that he has to take the boys back to the region that they are from and present them before the officials there again. From what I can gather this has happened more than once.
Lisa, our agency director, said that each region has a local MOWA office and court system that they first have to pass before they are allowed to be matched with a family. Then after they are matched, their paperwork along with the family's is presented before the national MOWA and courts, which is in Addis Ababa. From what we can gather or make of this info. is that the courts in Addis decided that the paperwork that they have isn't sufficient and that they have to go back to the region they are from and get more background info and send them through the local offices again before going back to Addis. This seems to have happened at least twice or more. They are saying that it's either good sign or very bad sign. It may mean that there is real problem with the boys papers, or family or guardians.

All this to say is that prayer is still very important even at this time when they are working on things. I am glad to hear that there is work being done and our papers are not just sitting in a pile somewhere. Please pray for the people in Ethiopia working on this that they can get the papers or the cooperation that they need. I have faith that God is bigger than this problem and whatever happens that His perfect will is being done. So we continue.....

RRR...RESTING in God with RELENTLESS love and a RESOLVE to bring home Jonathan and David.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Love Package #3

It's a simple package. Full of love and sentimental care. Both Gracie and Allie gave one of their favorite toys away(I didn't ask them to do this). Gracie loved her frog, but wanted her brothers to have it. Allie said that boys like balls and picked out this little soccer ball. This is our third package for Jonathan and David and each time it gets a little harder to send it off and pray this will be our last one to commission someone else to hold our boys and tell them we love them. To touch each thing that their hands will hold and wonder if they will really understand and feel the love that is sent to them in this package.
I don't ever boast of understanding God's will and timing and this is no exception. I pray daily for His strength to make it through and to turn my worries and anxieties over to Him. I know everything He does is for our best and for His glory and I have prayed for both. Today is a little harder, but my God is bigger than my tears and pain.
I pray every night the same thing that Jason prays over our girls ever since they were babies.

"Jonathan and David, may the Lord bless you and keep you. May He lift up His countenance upon you and be gracious to you and give you peace, joy and love. " I add: "May you feel His smile on your faces and feel Him so ever close to you. The Lord loves you more than I will ever be capable of doing and I put you, Jonathan and David, in His strong, loving and tender and capable arms."

Friday, August 14, 2009

How Hot is Louisiana??

Yesterday Jason's divisional secretary came across this squirrel and posted it on his blog! HILARIOUS!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

On a Lighter Note(Part 1)

I have not been very good about posting pictures for all the grandpa's and grandma's. So this post will be dedicated to our summer happenings and pictures. These are pictures of our time in Tehucana, TX with Jason's former professor from Southern Seminary, Dr. Jim Parker. He has a cozy place tucked into the middle of Texas that we got to enjoy for a few days of R & R. Thanks Jim.....we all loved it!

discussing the intricacies of life. This was Allie's favorite thing to do.....sit on the porch and each snow cones.

And boy.....did Jim have all the flavors a kid could ever want!!!

Gracie has always been our little florist and this time was no exception. She kept Jim supplied with all sorts of arrangements when we were there. Here was her centerpiece of supper one night.
He has a good sized herd of miniature donkeys and goats. They were so fun to watch. The girls even helped water them one night. I thought this little billy goat was cool.

Some of the donkeys were really tame and the girls enjoyed petting them.

Here we are visiting an old fort with Jim. The girls especially enjoyed all the exploring.

Gracie and Allie with their water bottles were previously pretending to shoot at the Indians out of the holes made for guns on the top of the fort. Here Gracie thinks I am one and shooting at me!

Here is Jim with the girls...all trying to stay cool and have fun!!
I thought this sign was funny!! What a special moment to remember!! :)

The girls loved to swing on the porch, here are a few of my artistic attempts!!

The girls and I hanging out!

Here is Simba and I talking....he is a good listener.

The was one of the highlights of our trip. Jim has a donkey trained to pull this little buggy around. It was a blast!
Over the summer we have enjoyed playing this game called heroescape and building all sorts of fun boards. Jason has even used it for their history lessons
This is our fourth week of school. We decided to get an early start with the uncertainty of the boy's adoption. Gracie is first grade and Allie is in "free-k" as she puts it. I am homeschooling both girls and it has been going good and the girls seem to really enjoy it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Staying the Course

Today we got bad news from our agency. We were right in the fact that Rahel and Shimeliss were in the southern region looking for information on our boys and one other child. The only information we were told to day is that they needed more information on the boy's background or family. The problem they ran into was that the orphanage that the boys came from has closed and they were looking for the person who signed off on the boy's paperwork that worked at the orphanage. They went to his home and tried calling him, all to no avail. They need to find him in order to find their family? I am not totally sure. The reality may be that they may find him and he may not even know where the family is and then we are back to square one.

So all this to say that the obstacles are enormous and the road will be difficult. We are hoping to get more specific information next week as to what region in the south they are looking for information at, what the name of the orphanage was and the name of the person they are trying to get a hold of, and what specific information they need for the boys.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Jason and I need to also make some decisions as to what we are going to do. If anyone has any contacts in Ethiopia or any advise, we are taking all suggestions. Please send all information privately through our email: or The only thing that is non-negotiable is that we are not going to give up on the boys. Please pray for our agency and the people that they are in contact with in Ethiopia. Our hearts desire is to partner with them and not to be in conflict with them and how we go about getting them.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today we heard that Rahel(our Ethiopian attorney) and Shimeliss and are still in the southern region until tomorrow. Hopefully we will be hearing some good news. I can't begin to thank you all for your prayers and support for us during this time. We have definitely felt them. The Lord has been gracious to us and given us a peace, even midst the temptation to be restless and anxious.
We have come up with a theme that shares our hearts and prayer for this process.

RRR...RESTING in God with RELENTLESS love and a RESOLVE to bring home Jonathan and David.