Monday, August 10, 2009

On a Lighter Note(Part 1)

I have not been very good about posting pictures for all the grandpa's and grandma's. So this post will be dedicated to our summer happenings and pictures. These are pictures of our time in Tehucana, TX with Jason's former professor from Southern Seminary, Dr. Jim Parker. He has a cozy place tucked into the middle of Texas that we got to enjoy for a few days of R & R. Thanks Jim.....we all loved it!

discussing the intricacies of life. This was Allie's favorite thing to do.....sit on the porch and each snow cones.

And boy.....did Jim have all the flavors a kid could ever want!!!

Gracie has always been our little florist and this time was no exception. She kept Jim supplied with all sorts of arrangements when we were there. Here was her centerpiece of supper one night.
He has a good sized herd of miniature donkeys and goats. They were so fun to watch. The girls even helped water them one night. I thought this little billy goat was cool.

Some of the donkeys were really tame and the girls enjoyed petting them.

Here we are visiting an old fort with Jim. The girls especially enjoyed all the exploring.

Gracie and Allie with their water bottles were previously pretending to shoot at the Indians out of the holes made for guns on the top of the fort. Here Gracie thinks I am one and shooting at me!

Here is Jim with the girls...all trying to stay cool and have fun!!
I thought this sign was funny!! What a special moment to remember!! :)

The girls loved to swing on the porch, here are a few of my artistic attempts!!

The girls and I hanging out!

Here is Simba and I talking....he is a good listener.

The was one of the highlights of our trip. Jim has a donkey trained to pull this little buggy around. It was a blast!
Over the summer we have enjoyed playing this game called heroescape and building all sorts of fun boards. Jason has even used it for their history lessons
This is our fourth week of school. We decided to get an early start with the uncertainty of the boy's adoption. Gracie is first grade and Allie is in "free-k" as she puts it. I am homeschooling both girls and it has been going good and the girls seem to really enjoy it.


Micah, Tiffany, Andrew, and Elijah said...

I love the pics of you all on your trip! You, Cara, look so YOUNG!!! Who says women can't age as well as men:)

Cara Meyer said...

Awe Tiff, you are so flattering. I don't post the bad ones (ha ha).