Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good or Bad??

Today we got some news, not a lot; but at this point I am thankful for anything!! The good news is they are in contact with the man that needs to give them info about the boys. The confusing news is that he has to take the boys back to the region that they are from and present them before the officials there again. From what I can gather this has happened more than once.
Lisa, our agency director, said that each region has a local MOWA office and court system that they first have to pass before they are allowed to be matched with a family. Then after they are matched, their paperwork along with the family's is presented before the national MOWA and courts, which is in Addis Ababa. From what we can gather or make of this info. is that the courts in Addis decided that the paperwork that they have isn't sufficient and that they have to go back to the region they are from and get more background info and send them through the local offices again before going back to Addis. This seems to have happened at least twice or more. They are saying that it's either good sign or very bad sign. It may mean that there is real problem with the boys papers, or family or guardians.

All this to say is that prayer is still very important even at this time when they are working on things. I am glad to hear that there is work being done and our papers are not just sitting in a pile somewhere. Please pray for the people in Ethiopia working on this that they can get the papers or the cooperation that they need. I have faith that God is bigger than this problem and whatever happens that His perfect will is being done. So we continue.....

RRR...RESTING in God with RELENTLESS love and a RESOLVE to bring home Jonathan and David.

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