Friday, October 24, 2008


I know, you all are gasping and waving your arms above your head and exclaiming....."I can't believe it.....she finely started a blog". OK, I know I am exaggerating, but I kinda feel like that. I can't believe that I did it. With the help of my sister Aubrey to help with a few hick-ups, I am up and running. I am excited to be able to keep in better touch with friends and family. Some of you may know that I don't update or use facebook or MySpace very often.

"So what is the purpose of this blog?", you ask. That is a very good question! Well, let me think.....ok, just wait, it's taking me awhile, I can't think of anything right now!!
O yeh, now I remember: to keep in touch with family and friends, to share with you what is going on in the lives of the Meyers, to give cute antidotes and new pix of our cute kiddos, and to share things that the Lord has been teaching me as a Mom, wife, and friend.

So, you can eagerly anticipate the arrivals of new updates, hopefully on a weekly basis!

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