Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bummer News

Today we found out some news we weren't expecting. We thought our dossier packet had gone over at least a week or more ago. We learned that our agency is still waiting on our homestudy office to send over their updated license information. Each year our state requires all agencies, even our homestudy agency to renew their license. It is not their fault, but waiting on the government to send it to them. It is frustratingly slow and should have already been sent. Hopefully they will get it the end of the week and our packet will be done the following week. So maybe in two or three weeks before it's sent over.
Even though we were disappointed and frustrated, we know God's sovereignty is perfect and just waiting a little bit longer will set in our paths exactly toward the child God has for us. So even if it is a bummer, we are at peace. We knew there would be ups and downs. So we wanted to share this update and continue to ask for your prayers for us and this child in which we will be crossing paths with very soon.
God bless!!


Andie said...

I'm sorry about the paperwork stuff!!! I hope things get worked out quickly.

You know, you are the third couple I know adopting from Ethiopia! Two of our pastor's are adopting from there too. I'll forward you their blogs via facebook later.

Praying for you guys!

Cara Meyer said...

thanks so much for your prayers, Andie. It was good to hear from you!!