Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Shimmer of Hope?????

Some good friends of ours, the Stutzman's are adopting three siblings from Ethiopia. Jake the father has gone over there due to problems with the progress of their case. While he was over there, he was able to ask about our case. They told him that the situation with the boy's father had been resolved and that as soon as someone can travel to the region, that they can come back to the transition home. We were estactic to receive this news, but also very cautious. We have gotten wrong information in the past and don't want to set our hopes in this too much. So we continue to pray with fervor that the Lord will continue to put His hand upon our case. We see this as another sign that it will be very good for our case if we were over there. It seems that if they can put a face and family with the case that it may help things possible move more quickly.
We never give up hope that the Lord will work in mighty ways!!

BTW....tomorrow is Orphan Sunday.

A challenge: Satan does not want to see orphans or broken children united with families. Please pray, support, or encourage someone who is or has adopted and be prayerful if the Lord is leading you in this direction. It is a mandate in the Bible to care for widows and orphans!!


Paula said...

Yeah, Cara!! I hope this is evidence that things are moving in the right direction! You have my email; please let us know anything that we can do to be of help to you and your family.

Emily said...

So happy to hear this Cara!! I'll keep praying!

Aubrey said...

when you say "someone has to travel over to the region", does that mean someone from the agency or you guys?

Cara Meyer said...

someone from the agency has to drive down to pick them up. I heard it's about a 6 hour drive or more