Saturday, December 13, 2008

Louisiana Snowmen!

I am sure that most of you, that are not from this area, heard about the snowfall in the south. We were not so lucky. We barely got a dusting of soggy, slushy patches of snow. Nevertheless we were excited to see a little white!! We bundled up the girls in their new snow boots from Grandpa Rolly(for a SD Christmas visit) and all the other winter gear. This is what we could muster.....two snowmen about 6 inches tall.

The girls thought it was great fun to see two little snowmen looking in on them as the played the rest of the day. After coming in with rosy cheeks and soggy mittens, we made chocolate hot cereal, which the girls called porridge, and hot chocolate for breakfast. Jason and I had our hot cups of coffee. This was an unexpected winter memory that we made and we had so much fun. As you can see in the next picture, I think Jason, well, enjoyed being the biggest kid!

He precariously got up on the roof and started lopping snowballs at me and the girls. They enjoyed teasing Daddy and then running away as he yelled "bombs away!!" with his dripping snowballs. He was squeezing his gloves out too!!

So here was the story of our "white" winter. If we get anything more news-worthy snow news, I will be happy to share it with you.


Aubrey said...

ahhh what fun! those little snowmen are the cutest! where jason is standing on the roof looks like it's breaking and caving good job jason - that's what happens when you stand on a soggy roof of snow.

Micah, Tiffany, Andrew, and Elijah said...

Yeah girls! The snowmen are lovely!