Friday, March 6, 2009

An Ode to our Cats

As some of you know, a kitten was added to our family last summer, by accident. I found him in a parking lot starving and all skin and bones. Being softhearted for the perils of starving animals, I picked him up and brought him home to feed and find him a home. I didn't think it through very well and soon discovered that I couldn't get rid of a kitten, no matter how I tried. After a few days the girls had fallen in love with him and Gracie named him Riki Tiki from the jungle book. Thus an addition was added. Whitefield our older cat was now suddenly getting the exercise he always needed and they seemed to adjust somewhat well to each other. I think Whitefield was relieved to see some of the attention of the girls redirected to Riki. The girls have doted and loved on him. We have gotten many hours of entertainment watching our cats. I am putting my foot down though, NO MORE CATS!! Two is enough to keep up with.
The next part of our kitten story is somewhat embarrassing to me. We decided to take Riki to the vet a couple months ago and get him fixed. Well, we got a call back Riki was a SHE. Now, I pride myself in the fact that I grew up on a farm and have some working knowledge of animals. How could I miss this one. I was starting to have my doubts.....the vet confirmed them. So our sweet boy Riki is a sweet little girl. We didn't change HER name, but thought Riki would be just fine, besides there is a Ricki Lake in entertainment!!
Allie LOVES animals. Did I tell you Allie adores animals?? Even dogs, who love attention, well, after about 15 minutes go run and hide because Allie dotes a little too much sometimes. She has this gut laugh anytime she is around animals and they do something silly. So...enjoy the collection of pictures!!As you can see Whitefield(left) and Riki(right) look identical. It has been funny to see the look of confusion on our friends' faces when they thought they just saw one cat one second and had to do a double take, thinking it was the same cat!

Riki loves to snuggle with anything.....blankets, soft scarves, stuff animals, beds, or us.

Gracie and Allie love to cover or wrap up Riki with a blanket and sometimes a pillow, just like if she was their baby doll.

For some reason Whitefield loves to lay this way. He is a little crazy. He will do this in the morning right in the middle of the kitchen floor, where I need to walk or anywhere there is traffic.

Riki sunning herself.

The girls love to discover that Riki has chosen one of their beds to sleep in. They coming running to tell me when they see her all asleep in their blankets. This particular day, Allie was going to take a nap and saw Riki already sleeping in her bed. She begged to let Riki stay with her. I honestly didn't think it would last more than 5 minutes or less. Here is a few pictures I captured during her nap. Riki stayed there the whole time sleeping and purring.

So, here concludes the ode to our cats. This post was more for the enjoyment of kids and our girls. Thanks for participating along with this crazy post.
PS..... They are already begging for a dog!!


Micah, Tiffany, Andrew, and Elijah said...

Reminds me of our old Phoebe...:( I love the pictures~ Y'all are quite the animal rescuers!

Aubrey said...

So cute! Hey isn't Whitfield spelled without the "E" in the middle? Nevermind, I looked it up and you're right. It just plays a trick on my mind. I want to pronounce it White - Field.