Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason!!

Today Jason turned 33 young. As I have reflected on what a blessing he is, I thought I would tell you a few of the reasons why I love him and think he is the best father and husband in the world. So bear with me and my sappiness. I cannot help but thank God for who he brought into my life. He is more than I ever imagined and I give the Lord all the credit and praise!!

He enjoys life and likes having fun!! He can be serious when he needs to be and boyish when the circumstances fit. Below he is karate chopping bubbles with his girls. One way to spice up the sweet and innocent activity of bubble blowing!!

He likes transformers. His birthday card from the girls was a transformer card. He has a lot of his old transformers and takes them out and plays with them along with the girls. Imagine the girls in their princess dress-up dresses playing transformers with their daddy....priceless. After finishing writing his book, he treated himself to purchasing two marvel crossover transformers. We have helped him add to this collection.

While traveling back from SD at Christmas, he gave the girls a lesson on "How to fill a vehicle with gas". He had an attentive audience. :)

Nothing like flying in a sled in the snow. I cannot tell who is having more fun....Jason or the girls!!

The girls love riding on daddy's shoulders. We are at the homecoming football game at LC. Allie had the prime seat in the house!!

There is nothing like having fun with daddy. The girls adore him....and me too. There is a lot of laughter is our home. We always say the measure of healthiness in the family can be measured by laughter.
I couldn't help but put this picture in. Gracie had come over to Jason to give him a sweet kiss and smile. Melts your heart! She had plucked a flower from our restaurant table. The girls are infamous in picking flowers, even where they are not supposed to. :)

This is what Jason would look like with a mustache with handle bars......naugh. Green isn't becoming !!

I told Jason he looked soooo handsome helping me paint the boy's room. He was a willing helper. Thanks babe!

This is where he works when he stays home from the office. Surprisingly he gets more work done in his bed than at the office. He takes his job as a professor and preacher very seriously. I see his discipline and dedication and dependency to God and His word. (The cats think it's great to hang out with him too).
I love my husband. I love him because He loves the Lord with all his heart, soul and mind. He takes being a father and husband and professor and preaching very seriously and does his very best. Our marriage points my heart toward God. The Lord get's all the credit for anything good in our lives. I cannot wait for Jason to be the father of our two sons we are adopting. My heart is full and overflowing. I thank the Lord for giving me this blessing. Jason is my best friend and my soul mate and the love of my life.

Happy birthday Jason!!!! We all love you.


Paula said...

Hi Cara, I didn't know you had a blog... I hope you don't mind that I added it to my blog list. We are so disappointed to not have passed court TWICE and I imagine you are feeling the same way. Hope everything gets worked out for both of our families, and also Happy Birthday, Jason! You two are mere babes. :)

Cara Meyer said...

We are praying for you. Keep us updated on your status.