Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our New "Awlins" (Orleans) Trip

We decided to go on a weekend trip/summer get-away before the boys arrived. We traveled to New Orleans with good friends Josh and Beth Bryant and their family.
Jason is hanging out in the hotel room with Josh and playing DS with Spencer and Fields.
Chicory coffee and beigets at the famous Cafe Du Monde. Cheers to a good time!!
Yummy beigets with lots and lots of powder sugar.
This guy was cool to watch. It reminded me of some future robotic dude. He is reaching into his pockets to give suckers to the kiddos.
St. Louis Cathedral established in 1720. The Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis King of France is the oldest Catholic cathedral in continual use in the United States.

The river walk in New Orleans by the mighty Mississippi. It was absolutely gorgeous weather. We did A LOT of walking. The girls did a great job.
"Hey girls, pay attention....please smile" This is about all I was going to get!!
We walked about 3-4 blocks of Bourbon Street in the morning.....just to say we had seen it and walked quickly through it! :)Hurricanes come as easy as the liquor in the French Quarters. I thought this was an interesting sign. Jason and I really enjoyed the French Quarters. We were struck with how people lived and looked forward to getting drunk. How sad that this may be the only purpose that they live for.....a good time. We came away having had a great time and heavy in heart for the lost. It is an interesting city. The culture and history and variety is as deep as it is wide. There is so many things that you will never find anywhere else. New Orleans is a city unto it's own. Along Jackson Street are painters and artists selling their work. It is really interesting to see Cajun and french cultures and the bayou influences. Louisiana is a beautiful state and as we have moved we have enjoyed each state's beauty. God is amazing and creative. His nature screams such amazing creativity and beauty and wonder. Even the less attractive things in nature have beauty.

We all thought it was fun to watch this huge barge full of storage containers. We were speculating were they were traveling to and what was inside.
The French Quarters was so cool with their iron rod balconies and narrow and tight houses.
The Natchez steamboat.

Louisiana Superdome for the New Orleans Saints. This place has quite the stories to tell with Hurricane Katrina.
I thought this Wal-greens was pretty cool. Never saw one like this before!
Gracie, Allie and their friend Annalise looking at the "Nemo" tank at the aquarium. They had a lot of fun looking at all the sharks, penquins, fish etc...
Another beautiful balcony!

Please pray for our impending 2nd court date on April 7th. We are praying that we pass. Other families haven't passed their 2nd court dates for various reasons not related to them, their paperwork or their agency. Waiting on third world countries can proven or test our perseverence. God has given us a peace that transends our ability or understanding. I am feeling a little apprehensive this second time, but I am leaning on the Lord. His timing is perfect and good. So keep praying with us for our precious boys, Jonathan and David.

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Paula said...

Great pictures! We've lived in several states too...Indiana, New York, Missouri, Massachusetts, California and Nebraska. We have enjoyed different things about all of them. I'll be praying for you on April 7th.