Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Series(Part Three) How to Keep Yourself From Going Crazy While Waiting

Take Out Pent-up Energy on Demolition!!

Ok, it is not necessary to pummel an old oven, but that is just what Jason and our friend Brad did. We are renovating some of our kitchen, to keep us busy in this waiting period!! Here they had taken out our old oven and thought it would be fun to be boys for a few minutes. It was hilarious to watch. I commented to Jason, "the neighbors must all be watching us and thinking we are crazy, especially since Jason is a professor and preacher"!! BTW....that is what I love about Jason. We owned a "wimpy" little sledgehammer and Jason quickly traded it out for Brad's bigger and cooler version of a sledgehammer

Brad taking a swing. He has been a huge help to us in our renovations. (more to come on this subject matter!!)

Gracie getting in on the action. She is using Jason's "wimpy" hammer!! :) I need to say more??

This morning we just heard great news from one of the other family's with an open case. They finally passed. We are rejoicing with them and hopeful that ours is not too far behind as well.


Aubrey said...

That is too funny! I can imagine what the neighbors must be thinking. Reminds me of the movie "Office Space", generally you demolish something (i.e. computers or ovens) b/c they were crap and not working and made you mad. I think in this case it was just to have fun, not b/c the oven was sluggish like a computer might be. LOL! Poor trash guys have lots of little pieces to pick up now.

Paula said...

Very interesting work with the oven. :P

You are still in my prayers and I hope you pass court SOON!