Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Series(Part Two) How to Keep Yourself From Going Crazy While Waiting


I know it sounds crazy, but I find that being silly with my girls, or Jason helps keep things light and my mind off of, well......waiting. So with all serious aside, here are some pictures that the girls and I took yesterday to prove our point, it really worked!! I should preface here that I don't go around being mopey all day. God has really helped me see the bigger picture....His Will and His perfect timing.
It started when Gracie was doing her chore, emptying out the dishwasher. I got out the camera and we decided to take pictures of funny faces!!

Here is Gracie's funny face!!

Allie's funny face. Stretching out the mouth seems to be the common theme....ouch!!

Gracie thought I needed some. Here is her shot of me!! Behind me we are redoing our kitchen counters....that's for another post though!!

Allie shooting a silly picture of me...again. Sorry if I look a little scary. This is me with no make-up!!

Here is Allie trying to cry(she wasn't happy about something). We decided to take pictures, it ended up being her "trying" to cry, but ultimately laughing. Then she wanted to see her picture of herself crying, which made her laugh more. It was quite funny.

She honestly is laughing in these two pictures!! Notice her blanket on her back? She has these two soft blankets that she endearingly calls her "bungles of joy," which means "bundles of joy." She loves her blankies and when she isn't happy, that is the first thing she grabs!!

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Leetle Babuski said...

I cannot believe how OLD these two are starting to look. Gracie is the spitting image of you (as if we didn't know it already, but she's looking more like you all the time). Allie's bungles of joy are hilarious. BTW I really like your new counter tops. You're getting so fashionable. :)