Monday, April 20, 2009

The Waiting Continues...Keeping My Mind & Heart on Things Above

I usually try not to paste and copy emails, but Lisa says it so well. I pass this on to ask you to continue with us in prayer that these cases can be taken care of quickly. I am a detail-oriented person and this process has been frustrating and also a time in my life that I have to WHOLLY depend on the Lord. It is out of my control. It sounds weird to say this, but that is the best place to be...trusting the Lord. He is more capable than I and I am trusting in the One who can move mountains and cares for our boys more than we humanly can. Even as I type these words, it is still hard and my heart is heavy and the tears are on the edge of brimming over. Please keep praying!

Dear Cara,
I wrote to Hope adoptions this morning expressing the disappointment and anxiety that all the waiting families are having with no news. I shared that I understand they are having struggles as well, but that any information would be greatly appreciated. Below is the response I received from Grace. I know that their hands are tied, but with God we can move mountains.

No news, other than our staff in Ethiopia is asking the courts to order MOWA to give recommendations in these cases. No telling if it will work or not. SHe went to the courts Friday.
We have seen many open cases and patience is all I can recommend. An assigned date is much better emotionally, open cases used to be resolved in a matter of days but those days are gone I guess.
We are having at least 3 days a week of planned power outs with random power outs any time so communication this time of year is always tricky.
Sorry for no news again,

Lisa Prather, MSW
Nightlight Christian Adoptions
(formerly Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency)


Leetle Babuski said...

Hang in there guys! Maybe there are things happening that nobody knows about. We'll keep praying for our little nephews and for you! Love you!

Paula said...

Whew, I almost pasted that email right into my blog, but I paraphrased instead... we would have had twin blog posts! Still keeping you all in my prayers. It would sure be great for all of us to get some good news.