Monday, July 6, 2009

All That is Left is Prayer

Sorry I haven't kept up with updates. We have been in South Dakota for two weeks and technology was not at my fingertips and time was fleeting! Throughout the last few weeks it has become very clear that our adoption process is becoming more and more discouraging. Waiting on answers and results has almost stretched my patience beyond my limits. (Thank God He stretches me beyond my own abilities!!) It has becomes slowly clear that MOWA is a mess and so far behind that it's hard to give definite deadlines or answers for anything. The director of MOWA has taken upon herself to sign each and every adoption dossier in the country, which is a good thought, but impossible for do. She is also going to school for her masters and is not in the office like she should be. She was the one who decided to go to school on our third court date rather than take ours and other families cases to court. MOWA is also revamping everything which also is slowing things down. I know our agency is doing everything they can here and in Ethiopia to get things resolved, but it is so hard to be totally out of control with regards to this process. They are not giving any sort of timetable right now and so we have not idea how long this process will be going on. The advice I got from our director was to just pray and commission others to pray with you.
So there it is. Pray that that Lord would intervene. I am reminded, every time I have fleeting thoughts of doubt, that God's timetable has not changed and God's perfect will, no matter the timing and results are good and right, for them and us. I don't always understand everything about our journey....but I am not God either!! I rest in someone who is infinitely more capable than I in running my life, our family's life and these precious boy's lives.

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Paula said...

You are in my prayers every single day.