Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Few Days in the Life of the Meyer's

Our cat Riki Tiki looking very studious. The cats spend most of the day sleeping by Jason as he works from home on our bed!

So this is how my week started. Gracie came up to me and asked if I could help her write a letter to the tooth fairy. Her and Allie were putting their cute little heads together and decided that the fairy needed to visit Allie so she could get money too. Their plan was to write a letter and put a little white stone instead of a tooth by the letter. I told them the fairy was too smart because she was the tooth expert and could tell a fake one from a real one. So this is what I caught below, Gracie trying to loosen and pull one of Allie's teeth. Side note...they had been at this "pulling" for quite awhile.

Our family loves Tim Hawkin's comedy. He has produced a kids CD which the girls love. For about an hour Gracie kept repeating the Anaconda song. I lost count how long I kept hearing the same song. I finally had to tell her to move on.....but not before she rehearsed her "moves" to this song.

Here is a game that our family thoroughly enjoys. Heroscape is like Risk to an extreme. Jason simplifies the game and they enthusiastically battle good vs. evil. There is a "good" castle and a "bad" castle. Allie likes to add her animals to the landscape as well.

At the end of the day......well, let's just say we are gonna have to change how they play with their toys. The last few days they've done better putting things away when they are done playing with them.

So at the end of a busy day, I try to put up my feet, treat myself to a cup of decaf and unwind a little and catch my breath!! :)


Leetle Babuski said...

That tooth fairy thing is HILARIOUS! Better watch out. Next Gracie will be tying a string around the tooth and slamming the door. :)

Aubrey said...

LOL! That is funny that they wanted to write a ltr to the tooth fairy. Such cute imaginations! I love the pic of their messy room too, shows they're having a good time playing.

Paula said...

My fifteen year old's room still looks like that... different stuff on the floor, same effect. :)