Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank You all For Your Prayers

Things are starting to wind up pretty quickly. I can't believe we are literally a few weeks from going to Ethiopia. Time seems to be a blur in my eyes and I literally have to will myself to slow down and enjoy each day's blessings.

Thank you all for your prayers for us during this past year and this past week for our boys and our transition of moving to Ethiopia for awhile. What a joy and privilege it is to be used by our Lord. This journey has been hard, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. He has taught me so much about myself and HIM and trusting in Him, you would think that would be an easy lesson!! :)

The latest update we have is nothing....we tried to find out an explanation as to why the boys are no longer up for adoption and back with their family(especially after we had heard encouraging news a couple months ago). After talking to others, our instincts do have some grounding. The opinion is that they may be with their family, but probably not. We really don't know what is happening. We are so ready to go over there and find out what is truly happening. I am frustrated by the lack of communication and help we are getting from the people that are supposed to be doing this stuff!! We feel very alone in this endeavour.

The Lord has brought some people into our path that are and will help us out in Ethiopia to find out what the truth is. Please continue to pray. In all honesty, this last piece of news was hard, but hardly surprises us because we keep having one obstacle after another. We know we are doing the right thing and are at peace with pursuing these boys to the very end of whatever the Lord has for them and us.

This past week, I kept wanting to know what the last chapter would be in this book of our adoption. It hasn't seem to reach the climax yet! :) At some point everything has to start fitting together somehow.

So we continue to trust the Lord and wait and pray that His will be done and knowing full well He is capable to move mountains.


Paula said...

You have had such a tough time with all of this. I admire your strength. Have a great Christmas!

Susan said...

Please continue to post once you get to Ethiopia. While you will be holding those little boys in your arms, we all will be holding them in our hearts! God Bless your family and your ministry there!

Gina said...

Your family is amazing! I continue to keep your future family in my prayers. I do understand you level of frustration on the communication. How many times can we get an "Unfortunately..." email from Lisa. All I know is that God is good ALL the time and I keep resting in that truth. Thank you for your example to me and others in this process. Have a safe and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this news! I am continuing to pray for you four and look forward to seeing you all this Sunday!

Jason...the other one. :-)