Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Newz is Better Than No News

Adoption Update:
Yesterday marked 5 weeks that our case as been in an open status. Open cases used to takes days to get signed off on from MOWA but has now turned into weeks. Last week Ethiopian ackowledged that they were behind on open cases and were going to designate Wed to hear them. For the last few weeks I have tentively and anxiously waiting to hear something in the middle of the week. Today our agency informed us that our papers had been signed off on from MOWA(ministry of women's affairs). That means it could go directly to court, but another hurdle has come up!!
Ethiopia has been having trouble with a particular agency(not ours) on abandonment cases. So to fill in the loops holes and prevent some those problems, Ethiopia is temporarily suspended all abandonment cases(which includes us). Last year this sort of thing happened with parental reliquishment cases and the suspension was only for a couple weeks. So the good news is our papers are in order and signed we just need to wait for the suspension to lift and hopefully the papers will go to court asap!!!(hopefully)
It has been very trying, having to wait through 2 court dates and an open cases situation for so long. The Lord has given me a peace beyond myself but I am ready for this process to be over and for us to be done with adoption paperwork and waiting.
So our prayer requests is this: pray that Ethiopia can figure out how to fix the problems and reopen all the open cases and that our case and others can be heard quickly. There is more than us that are waiting and it is difficult for all families.
Thank you all for your support and prayers. We feel them!!


Spirit of Adoption said...

Thank you for the update! Ugh. I feel your longing!!! Praying they lift the hold and race through your paperwork!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear you are TRAVELING to Ethiopia!!! : )

Anonymous said...

Cara- Just came to your blog from Facebook. We will be praying for you guys. I know waiting is hard.

Paula said...

Cara, I am so happy to hear that MOWA has approved your case. We have been reading your blog every day hoping to hear some news on your status. I am sorry that this whole abandonment mess is affecting you all... I will pray that this situation gets "fixed" as soon as possible so that the courts will approve your adoption. We are so anxious for you to be on your way to Addis to get your boys.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara,
I have been thinking of you recently and wanted to check your blog to see if there was an update on the boys. I will be praying the boys will be home soon! You guys are such an encouragement to me! Love, Stacy Reaoch