Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Big Sunday News...Not What You Think!!

Gracie would like to announce her exciting news. Something she has wanted to see happen for a long long long long time!! ;)
She has lost her FIRST TOOTH. It has been an exciting few days for her as she fervently worked on loosening her tooth. This afternoon she let her mommy do the honors and gave it it's final tug. Gracie's first words were, "hey, it didn't hurt"!!! She quickly ran to the bathroom to see her new longed-for hole in her pearly whites. She has been giddy all this evening. So, we thought we would write a special post just for her!! She already has two adult teeth behind her baby ones. I think we may have a child that will need dental work.
Congrats Gracie, another milestone passed and I am kinda sad.


destinmimi said...

awww..sorry that Jason missed it, but his sermon tonight was awesome! Still praying that God will send you all to us permanently(or at least for such a time as this!)
love y'all,

Paula said...

Congratulations, Gracie!

Aubrey said...'re growing up so fast! Aunt Aubrey still remembers when you were just itty bitty! You are a beautiful girl and I'm so proud that you've lost your first tooth. Did the tooth fairy visit you and give you something special?

Cara Meyer said...

we looked up tooth fairy pictures and the one we posted was the one that she "believed". Gracie says that the blue fairy takes her tooth and the other fairies left her $5. She thinks that five fairies visited her....based on the picture!! So cute. We said that fairies were real and she is a believer!! :)

Leetle Babuski said...

Yay Gracie! Way to go on losing your first tooth! You were so brave to let your mommy pull it out. Your grandpa Rolly used to pull my teeth but I never like it too much. We love you!

Jaime said...

Emie just lost her 1st two teeth, too. She also had big teeth growing in behind. I don't even want to think about orthodonist bills in the future!! I enjoyed getting caught up on your blog again and will keep praying for your boys to be able to come home soon and for everyone's transition.