Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This is our new court date....for the third time. The agency decided that open cases were having a hard time getting heard by the Ethiopian judges. So getting a new court date would force them into hearing our case instead of keeping it open for them to determine when they wanted to look at them. Last week our lady brought 6 open cases before the judge and he yelled at her. There are so many crazy things that happen in third world countries. There seems to be no rhythm-or-reason why certain things do or don't happen.
It had been a difficult couple weeks and I had sorta resolved in my mind that they probably wouldn't be coming home until the end of the summer. Now maybe it will be sooner than I expected......IF we pass this one. We should, our dossier(papers) are signed now and just waiting on the judges approval.
For the first time I feel a little encouraged. So please pray along with us that this will be the last complication in this process and that we can bring these boys home soon. If we pass in June, we will be able to post pictures of our handsome sons! :)
We have also learned that Jonathan and David were NOT abandoned. So we don't have to wait for Ethiopia to lift it's hold on abandonment cases. Hopefully we will be able to get in contact with someone in their family while we are there. Praying in that area as well.
Thanks again for all your prayers and encouragement!!

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Jen Stutzman said...

Praise the Lord!!! May this be the date!!