Saturday, January 10, 2009

Catching up from Thanksgiving & Christmas!

One of our Christmas presents from mom was my Grandma Eimer's old hats from when she(grandma) went to mass with her family. Back in the day, they had to cover their heads in church. Each of us got four hats a piece and that didn't count the ones that my Mom had kept also. Pretty amazing that she saved them for all these years.
Yup, you are seeing a goofy side of my sisters and I. This was actually pure fun with no holding back and trying to be cute and sexy in our "Jackie Kennedy" hats. We were pretending to "model". This is only a small slice of the pictures that were taken during this fun event.

The girls kept asking to help Daddy fill up our van with gas. We tried to keep our 20 hour interesting and add things that they would enjoy. So here is Daddy explaining and guiding the girls through the art of filling your tank with gas.
Jason had a lot of things to get caught up on. Here is took a picture of what he was typically doing on our road trip.
The girls taking a nap. It was so dry up north that you can see Gracie's hair sticking to the blanket that was hanging from her window to keep out the sun.
Jason and I love playing cards and aggrevation (marbles) with Great Grandpa and Grandma Meyer and the rest of his family. I didn't do too well this year with cards and marbles....I think Grandpa enjoyed getting the better of Grandma and I. I told Grandpa, "The company was great, the games...oh, not so great." I told him that things would be different next time!!
It's amazing what grandkids will get you to do. Here is Grandpa Steve, hunter and fisherman, reading a princess book to Gracie. I am so proud of him!!!
Oh, and Allie got Uncle Tyson to color with her. Look at his amazing concentration!! :)
Having a meal at Red Lobster together. We had a great time!! We sure miss the family.
Gracie and Allie sipping their "Shirley Temples". That was their favorite part of the meal!! Thanks Grandma Donna!

My fearless daughter holding a lobster at Red Lobster. She held is for quite some time while I was fumbling to get my camera out. She kept calling it a "hamster." Hamster...lobster...what's the difference!!
Reminiscing through pictures. One of Steve's presents.

Allie trying to hold Daddy's head to get him to smile and look at the camera.
Allie was going around taking pictures of everyone. So I took a picture of her taking pictures. I know....a little confusing!!
Donna's side.
Playing cards with Dad(Rolly) and Adam(my brother).
Great Grandma Wieczorek reading to Allie

Allie holding Grandpa Rolly's dove at his feedstore. Good picture for advertising his feed!!

Gracie was the brave one again. Walking around with the dove and petting it. She called it Snowflake.


Micah, Tiffany, Andrew, and Elijah said...

I love all the pictures! It is fun to get to see you all with your families:)

Aubrey said...

I loved looking at all the pictures. Gracie is definitely fearless. I don't think I would've even held that hamster...I mean lobster. :)