Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We have a date......February 25th is our court date in Ethiopia and when we get to bring Jonathan and David home. We also found out in the same email that we were approved for ANOTHER $4,000 grant from Child of the King ministry. As I read the email, I found myself crying and shaking. I was so overwhelmed with the news and also God's continual provision for us. It has caused me to fall on my knees in thankfulness and I am without words to describe the feelings of joy, humbleness, being overwhelmed, scared, apprehensive and just plain excited that it has finally arrived and we have a definitive date. The girls were ecstatic and Gracie's eyes popped when she found out. She asked me if she could pray and this was her prayer: "Thank you God that we are bringing our babies home sooner than later." She was getting weary too of us telling her it could be awhile longer.
We don't know yet any definite dates for flying etc....We are researching and educating ourselves on this next step. It seems we can barely keep ahead of the task that is in front of us. Please continue to pray for us in this journey, for I know it isn't close to being over. I am encouraged and strengthened to see God's active hand in this process. He didn't have to pour open the floodgates of heaven to show us that this was His will, but we are humbled and thankful. We are confident God has great plans for these boys and we are privileged to be a part of His plan for them. We are not sure why He chose us, but we rest in the fact He will give us the strength, wisdom and grace when we need it.
Thank you all for your support and your love and excitement in this process. It means more than you ever know.

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Micah, Tiffany, Andrew, and Elijah said...

I need to hurry up and get your box in the mail girl! We are so excited for you all!!! Andrew says he wants to see those boys when they come to live at your house:) We'll have to see about that~