Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yep, I am a little confused. Silly me for not keeping all the adoption details straight!! Ok, so I told you all that we are picking the boys up around Feb. 25th. I was wrong!! After excitedly talking to our wonderful agency gal, she sweetly informed me that Feb wasn't going to be the time we would pick up Jonathan and David!! What????? Come to find out, we had signed a power of attorney for them to do the paperwork in the courts of Ethiopia. Funny, after signing all those papers, you think I would remember THAT ONE (lol). Anyway, we will go 6-8 weeks AFTER our court date on Feb 25th for the court appointment at the USA embassy in Ethiopia for getting their visas to come back home. I was a mixture of being really sad and disappointed but slightly relieved that we have a little bit more time to prepare.
We are behind in getting ready for them to come. We haven't even started on their room yet. It seems to be the domino effect in our house. In order to clean out their bedroom and closet, I need to reorganize our bedroom storage closet. Next in order to do that I need to pull out the crafts in our food pantry and games out of the girls closet. Then before all that I needed to find a new piece of furniture or armoire to store games, crafts, crayons, markers and anything else a little one year old would love to eat!! I started with domino #1. I found a computer armoire at Walmart(of all places) that was solid. It had a lot of good compartments for organization and looked very trendy and nice. I thought we were going to have to spend serious cash to find something decent that wouldn't fall apart with a child swinging on the doors one time! :) Anyway, I have yet to start domino #2...hopefully this weekend!!
Today I have felt very tired, God's promise that I have continually remembered was: "the JOY of the Lord is my strength". I am thankful for a wonderful and understanding husband and a special friend that let me spill it all out. Even the coffee didn't help today!! God's mercy and grace are new every morning, so I am looking for a good night's rest and a fresh start tomorrow.

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