Thursday, September 17, 2009

What does Rain and Turkey Legs have in Common?

We have started a new trend in our house. If it's pouring down rain and warm outside...go out and get wet and have some fun. The girls now beg to go outside when in rains. Every once and a while I join in. This particular day I decided to take pictures instead. They loved to get into this little stream that runs through our ditch and kick water at each other and run back and forth in it. Allie also enjoyed throwing herself into the water!!

Chasing each other. All I remember is the squeals and giggling....ahh, a good memory.

OK, I had to include this picture. It reminded me of a kicker for a football team. Man, can she get that leg up!

Allie posing for Momma!
Gracie posing as well!!
A good friend of ours gave us some turkey legs. Gracie was so excited to "eat the chicken on the bone" She cleaned up the whole leg!! It was fun to watch her.

I couldn't help but include this picture of Allie eating her breakfast in her XL pajama t-shirt that we got from Delta after being stuck in Atlanta overnight with no luggage. The girls love wearing them for some reason.

So what do turkey legs and rain have in common?? Absolutely nothing! ;) Just a catchy phrase!!

No new updates on the adoption. Hoping to hear something the end of the week or beginning of next?? Who knows!


Paula said...

Love the pictures. And we have some XL airline t-shirts just like that!

Marilyn said...

I will have to show jaba this post. He will love it. Praying for you guys and your family. I hope and pray that this season begins, endures and ends in joy and happiness for the boys.