Monday, September 7, 2009

A Few Random Happenings

Gracie lost her second tooth. This time around the tooth fairy left her a note along with the money. Gracie was thrilled and carried the letter around with her everywhere and I probably read it a dozen times. She is already working on her third one!! She had learned about the tooth fairy last time and was excited that she had visited again!!

Yep, Whitefield got roped into this one. "Super Cat"!!

Gracie and Allie in their Sunday cute!!!

Guess what....girls can play with toys meant for boys too. Not only did she enjoy herself, she got pretty dirty too!!

The girls have been begging us for jobs to earn money. It's hard to come up with things that they can do that is just family responsibility. I always remember thinking that there was always plenty on the farm to do!! I suggested that they pick up the sticks in the back yard. They wanted to rake, I did not think they could do it, but went ahead and gave them the rakes. To my surprise they got together a rather significant pile. Way to go girls!! We are so proud of you!!!

Lately they think it's fun to sleep together in either one or the others bunk bed. You can hear them giggling and talking away for about an hour before they either fall asleep or one decides they need a little more space. Here they are playing some silly game where Allie sleeps on Gracie.

School is in session. We started early this year with the knowledge of the possibility of our adoption going through. Here the girls are working on their worksheets. Hey....and they are still smiling!! :)

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Paula said...

Wow, that's a nice tooth fairy that comes to your house! Lucky Gracie! What beautiful little girls. :)